Episode 5

October 05, 2022


Charles Cheng, Euterpe

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Clarice Qiu Lin Ning
Charles Cheng, Euterpe
SustainaDAO Non-Fungible Talk
Charles Cheng, Euterpe

Oct 05 2022 | 00:26:39


Show Notes

Welcome to SustainaDAO Non-fungible Talk, a show about everything Web3 from the team of SustainaDAO, which includes me, your host, Lin Ning. 

Our guest for this episode is Charles Cheng - co-founder and CFO of Euterpe (BCE.IO) , the world’s first IP-powered NFT as a Service with SocialFi. Charles is an attorney and was a former Partner at Amino Capital, the Advising Expert at Alumni Ventures Group, and was elected as one of Forbes China's 60 Outstanding Chinese In North America. He was trained at Stanford Law School in Corporate Governance and Practice.

Euterpe is the world’s first IP-powered NFT as a service platform. Euterpe cultivates a healthy ecosystem in which all users, including artists, fans, and investors, are motivated to mutually benefit as a community. They are building a professional B2C marketplace of high-quality IP NFT, immune from infringements and scams. Euterpe will also feature an inherent SocialFi ecosystem, turning passive fans into proactive stakeholders who strive to earn mining rewards through their contributions to the community. IP is everything in Metaverse. Euterpe is currently handling musical IP and is posited to grow into the everything store in Metaverse for the next decade.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear about how Euterpe will provide a brand new platform for musicians and songwriters to publish and protect their intellectual property, how fans can invest in those artists and profit from their investment with royalties, and how the Euterpe model may be expanded for use with other creative product such as video games, books, concerts, trademarks, and patents.

The SustainaDAO Non-fungible Talk podcast covers all things DAO and Web3 from the team at SustainaDAO. In each episode, we’ll discuss a wide range of topics around blockchain technology and sustainability. You’ll hear about the most current advances in the metaverse, crypto, DAO, and how we can create sustainable value in the blockchain world. SustainaDAO is a decentralized protocol that promotes social and environmental balance with blockchain technology. Each week, we will interview entrepreneurs and educators from top universities to decode the blockchain market trends. This show is for builders, social innovators, and sustainability enthusiasts, and anyone who is curious about Web3 technologies. 


In this episode, you’ll hear: 


  • Charles's background and journey to becoming involved with NFTs - leading to Euterpe
  • What Euterpe aims to solve in the metaverse - starting with music IP and fairly compensating artists
  • Copy-based NFT vs. Copyright-based NFTs
  • How an NFT is valued
  • Differences between Euterpe and other music NFT platforms such as AirNFTs, Rarible, and OpenSea - Euterpe is a BtoC marketplace. They only sell first-stage copyright NFTs, and only limited, high-quality content
  • Other uses for a service like Euterpe: videos, live streams, video games or books, concerts, merchandise, trademarks, and patents.
  • The role of the patent NFTs when it comes to IP protection -publishing and making it accessible
  • Legal experts are excited about this trend in technology - smart contracts or blockchain technology can definitely help solve many of today’s problems
  • Web3 initiatives or blockchain technology can play a role in addressing sustainability issues - for individuals and industrial participants
  • Avice for entrepreneurs interested in entering the Web3 world at this turbulent time? Now is a great time to get involved, ride out the wave until the next bull market, and you’ll be ahead of everyone else

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