Episode 13

December 29, 2022


Jason Li, MPCVault

Hosted by

Clarice Qiu Lin Ning
Jason Li, MPCVault
SustainaDAO Non-Fungible Talk
Jason Li, MPCVault

Dec 29 2022 | 00:32:02


Show Notes

Welcome to SustainaDAO Non-fungible Talk, a show about all things DAO and Web3 from the team of SustainaDAO. Our guest today is Jason Li. Jason is a serial entrepreneur, a tech founder, and an expert in blockchain security. He is the co-founder of MPC Vault, a non-custodial wallet where Web 3 teams securely store, manage, and transact digital assets. Prior to MPCVault, Jason was also the co-founder of a cryptocurrency exchange and LoopChat, a college chat app. 

In this episode, we will hear from Jason on the following topics: 

  • Jason's journey as an entrepreneur from working on a crypto exchange to building college chats to developing enterprise wallets, as well as the exciting projects he has worked on before starting MPCVault.
  • The major security risks facing digital assets and how MPCVault addresses these risks through best practices in building a digital asset management platform
  • What sets MPCVault apart as the best option for teams to manage their web3 assets and who can benefit from using it?
  • The vulnerabilities of existing products across different web3 layers, including the third party, DeFi protocol, application, smart contract, blockchain, and network layers, and how MPCVault addresses these vulnerabilities?
  • The causes and prevention of attacks like the Solana Wallet hack, which resulted in the loss of over $5 million for crypto wallet users?
  • The factors that led to the collapse of FTX and how to prevent similar occurrences in the future
  • Regulatory outlook for the future of the crypto industry
  • Daily tips for DeFi users on how to increase security
  • Jason's insights on  his entrepreneurship journey has shaped his decision-making process and his advice for other blockchain entrepreneurs.

Connect with Jason Li & MPCVault
Website: https://mpcvault.com/

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Website: https://decil.org/sustainadao/

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