Episode 9

November 09, 2022


Tommaso Di Bartolo, Phygtl Inc.

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Clarice Qiu Lin Ning
Tommaso Di Bartolo, Phygtl Inc.
SustainaDAO Non-Fungible Talk
Tommaso Di Bartolo, Phygtl Inc.

Nov 09 2022 | 00:31:14


Show Notes

If you're interested in Metaverse, then this episode is for you. Tommaso Di Bartolo will share his insights on how the Metaverse can empower individuals and provide access to the financial system.

"The Metaverse is an experience as an extension to our real life. It's an experience in which we have a sustainable economy."

Mr. Bartolo is a Serial Entrepreneur and Startup Investor, Author, Advisor, and Faculty at the University of California Berkeley. Tommaso has built four tech startups from scratch and has two exits under his belt. Tommaso is passionate about sharing his lessons learned from nearly two decades of entrepreneurial tech expertise as a frequent global keynote speaker and advisor to some of Silicon Valley's most renowned startup accelerators, such as Google Launchpad, Draper University, and The Alchemist.

He is a faculty member at UC Berkeley, running a class on entrepreneurship, and serves the role of guest lecturer at Stanford University.

Based in Silicon Valley, Tommaso speaks 7 languages, is the author of "How to Growth Hack Your Startup", and "Navigating the Metaverse" and is writing his third book.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. What is the Metaverse?
  2. What is the difference between the Metaverse and other virtual reality platforms?
  3. What are the benefits of the Metaverse?

Some key takeaways: 

Lin and Tommaso discuss the concept of the metaverse. Tommaso explains what it is and explains the five key pillars of the concept.

Facebook changed the name to Meta last year. Now is the time for the emerging trend of Metaverse companies to come to light. The previous generation of technologies has reached its limit, and so have centralized monetization systems. Decentralized marketplaces offer transparency and immutability.

Metaverse is going to change social media, gaming, the music industry, and the learning industry. It will be all about co-creation.

According to data, three-quarters of users on the blockchain are male. We discuss some ways for women to get more involved in the Metaverse and what is being done to achieve this. 

The learning industry will be disrupted. People will be incentivized to learn more in a better way through the Token system. The technology will make learning more immersive and rewarding through gamification and incentivizing people to collect more through Token economics.

In order for you to create a better Metaverse, you have to have at the center a community. In order to have a community, you must have a mission. In the future, people will gather in immersive worlds, in rewarding worlds, and discuss issues related to sustainability.

The current market is the best market that any Web3 entrepreneur can ever have. When the market is down, the entrepreneur is up. Technology is just a tool and vehicle that helps you solve the problem. The mission is to understand your field, put together the right team and build a product.

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