Episode 4

September 28, 2022


Vera the Ape - Bored Chili

Hosted by

Clarice Qiu Lin Ning
Vera the Ape - Bored Chili
SustainaDAO Non-Fungible Talk
Vera the Ape - Bored Chili

Sep 28 2022 | 00:47:06


Show Notes

Welcome to SustainaDAO Non-fungible Talk, a show about everything Web3 from the team of SustainaDAO, that includes me, your host, Clarice Qiu. Our expert guest for this episode is Vera the ape. Vera is a core contributor and core founder of Bored Chili and PinkDAO brands. Bored Chili has a community of 360 people, and is a valuable part of Yuga Labs IP ecosystem. She is also an early Web3 investor as an LP, a fund manager, and an angel investor.

In today’s episode, you’ll hear about the most recent successes in the Bored Chili community, global events, the Metaverse gaming site, and how women need to help each other become part of this new and experimental community.

The SustainaDAO Non-fungible Talk podcast covers all things DAO and Web3 from the team at SustainaDAO. In each episode, we’ll discuss a wide range of topics around blockchain technology and sustainability. You’ll hear about the most current advances in the metaverse, crypto, DAO, and how we can create sustainable value in the blockchain world. SustainaDAO is a decentralized protocol that promotes social and environmental balance with blockchain technology. Each week, we will interview entrepreneurs and educators from top universities to decode the blockchain market trends. This show is for builders, social innovators, and sustainability enthusiasts, and anyone who is curious about Web3 technologies.


In this episode you’ll hear:


  • Vera’s path to joining the Bored Ape community with other crypto enthusiasts
  • BAYC – the biggest brand in Web3, is a community that grew organically, and now has street fashion and celebrity cache’
  • Is Yuga Labs the Web3 Disney? Vera says it’s more than that
  • Vera’s suggestions for building the Web3 community - have a community mindset, have intention
  • The major factors behind the success of Yuga Labs projects like BAYC and CryptoPunks - it’s all about community, quality, and timing
  • Bored Chili events and the community engagement - events bring the builder/investor community trust to a higher level
  • BAYC’s other site Metaverse and the Metaverse social experience - engaging gamers
  • Vera’s experience at NFT and YC in 2021/2022 - it was very special and everyone was new - people finally met face to face
  • Cool ape friends around the world - Vera’s friend Nisar from Morocco
  • Celebrities like Guy Oseary and Jay Chou are big Ape supporters
  • Women in the community – it is necessary to help other women join the community - World of Women and Crypto Chicks

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